Top 100 Community Proposal: Lives of Asuna

Lives of Asuna

Author Name: Seven7hNight#7777 (Collab Manager, Social Media Manager, Core Team Representative) [ID: 167751700621295616] BigWiseGuy#2586 (Community Manager, Core Team Representative) [ID: 246411170725101588]

Number of COLLAB tokens requested: 818,297

Recipient Address: 0x0AfC6Cf0F34A9C397Aa6860b1EE8D03A1490bdb5
This is a wallet controlled by the team and will be used as the base wallet to then distribute the tokens to all eligible holders.

The tokens will be distributed to active Asuna Holders within our community that participated in our Premint to prove they are still active within the community, with additional tokens being given to Holders who meet specific criteria which are outlined below.

The wallet we ask the tokens be dropped into will be a wallet controlled by the core team members.

What is the timeline for distribution?

We would distribute them as soon as we would get them by utilizing a service such as Disperse to ensure the tokens are all sent at the same time.

The user group being targeted is our active and loyal Asuna Holders.

How many users is this distribution projected to incentivize?

365 entrants

How will this distribution incentivize usage and adoption of Collab.Land? has been, and will continue to be, our method of choice for authenticating proof of holdership within our community. Collab.Land’s decision to launch a token with it’s name as a proof of it’s value solidifies it as not only the premier choice for authentication services, but also distinguishes Collab.Land as a project that wishes to go beyond just being "another bot" by showing willingness to also take part in the Web3 space.

What is the benefit of this distribution?
To Collab.Land:

The benefit to Collab.Land in our method of distribution is that the tokens will guaranteed end up in the hands of active users. Rather than distributing the tokens to all holders and inevitably having tokens being lost to dead/inactive wallets, it would be best the tokens end up with individuals still active in the Web3 space where they may circulate or hold it based on their own due diligence.

To your community:

The benefit to our holders is that they will receive tokens as a sign of our appreciation for both continuing to both believe in and support Lives of Asuna as well as those who still have faith in the Web3 space as a whole and continue to be active in it one way or another.

Will your project provide any co-incentives?

Additional Tokens will be provided to holders who meet specific criteria, which will be a multiplier on a base amount of tokens. The criteria will be:

  1. Number of Asuna Held

  2. Interaction with our Regeneration Feature

  3. Discord Activity

  4. Contributions to the Asuna Community

Where will tokens be held once distributed by Collab.Land DAO? (Multisig, onchain DAO, etc)

They will be held very shortly by a wallet controlled by all the owners of the Lives of Asuna core team and then immediately dispersed once the calculations are made for the holders who are receiving a bonus multiplier on the base amount.

Additional Notes

  1. The decision to go with this method of distribution was made based on a majority consensus of Asuna Holders. We set up a Google Sheet for a week which gave all Holders a chance to voice their opinion on how this distribution should be handled. We provided the various options and examples that Collab.Land provided and the vast vast majority of responses pointed out to this method of distribution.

  2. We expect it to be done within a week of receiving the tokens, however it could be sooner if the team comes to a consensus regarding how we would best reward holders who are to receive a bonus amount.

  3. Active holders were based on holders who participated in our Premint to register their wallets and either participated in our discord or utilized our Regeneration system feature. We gave all holders over a week to register on it and asked they spread the news on discord and Twitter, to which many did as there are many mini Asuna communities out there both on Discord and Twitter groups. We believe that one week is an adequate amount of time for someone who is still marginally invested in the Asuna to have seen the messages we posted on the discord pinging all holders time to register on the Premint. There was also no additional requirements other than simply registering on the wallet that holds their Asuna NFT. Through this process, we had over 350 registrations, many of which hold more than one Asuna NFT.

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