Top 100 Community Proposal: The Hundreds

Project Name: Adam Bomb Squad

Author Name: Web3hunna
Number of COLLAB tokens requested: 660,011
Recipient Address: 0xb4f87b1d9220d830c1242e45fef439ab174f002f

How will the tokens be distributed?

40% ABS Vault (held for future community incentives to be distributed over time)
3% Trusted to hand selected loyal community members for Collab.Land DAO voting power
50% Community engagement (incentivizing participation in gamified engagements, educational activities, and events)

*7% Community Social impact and charity initiatives

6 months

User group being targeted:
ABS and BBS NFT holders, their close friends, charities that match the brands ethos and mission

How many users is this distribution projected to incentivize?

How will this distribution incentivize usage and adoption of Collab.Land?

We will create Collab.Land-only roles for our members to participate in curated gamified engagements across social channels that reward XP for members.
We will organize educational activities/events focusing on Web3 and the community with regular challenges, hackathons, or competitions to encourage creativity, problem-solving, and active participation within the community.

Explore additional utility for $COLLAB tokens within the ABS ecosystem. Ex: accessing exclusive content, or unlocking unique features within the project.

*Support social impact/charity initiatives to create a positive impact beyond project's community such as environmental initiatives, educational programs, or supporting non-profit orgs.

What is the benefit of this distribution?

To Collab.Land:

Elevating Brand Perception: By partnering with the Adam Bomb Squad, Collab.Land will enhance its image as a trusted and innovative platform across Web2 and Web3

Amplified Exposure: Distribution will drive organic buzz and excitement among the ABS community, resulting in word-of-mouth marketing and increased visibility.

Cross-Pollination of Ideas: Engaging with the ABS community to foster the exchange of ideas, leading to new opportunities and synergies between Collab.Land and ABS.

To community:
Empowering Creativity: Community members will be encouraged to think outside the box and contribute creatively, driving innovation within the ABS ecosystem through gamified engagements and events.

Nurturing Community: Distribution will support educational activities, equipping community members with vital Web3 skills.

Cultivating Collaboration: Promote an environment of collaboration, where members can work together to solve challenges, learn from each other, and grow as a collective.

Social Impact: By allocating a portion of the distribution to social impact and charity initiatives, the ABS community will be able to make a meaningful difference beyond its immediate circle.

Will your project provide any co-incentives?

Exclusive Rewards: Members participating in the community-driven initiatives will have opportunities to receive $COLLAB tokens and exclusive merch from The Hundreds, further fueling enthusiasm and loyalty to the project.

Unlocking New Opportunities: Collaboration with Collab.Land will open doors to future partnerships and collaborations, driving continuous growth and value for both the ABS community and Collab.Land.

Where will tokens be held once distributed by Collab.Land DAO?**
Multisig ABS Vault wallet (not for team members)

*allocating 7% of the tokens towards web3 charity initiatives can be a great way to create a positive impact beyond Adam Bomb Squad’s community. We can demonstrate our commitment to advancing the broader ecosystem and fostering a sense of purpose within the community. This will help build goodwill and foster long-term relationships with community members and other organizations in the space. Please keep in mind that the allocation will be for them to use the coin in the Collab.Land ecosystem to empower their own agendas.

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