Collab.Land Marketplace Announcement 🤝🚀

The Collab.Land Marketplace is coming soon!

The Collab.Land Miniapp Marketplace will be the home to Collab.Land’s expanded ecosystem of verified miniapps, built by the community and for the community. Today, Collab.Land helps manage over 41,000+ crypto communities and 8,200,000 verified wallet connections on 23 L1/ L2 chains and platforms. With the marketplace, developers and community admins can take advantage of that distribution with a broader array of targeted, nuanced, and personalized community tools.

The Marketplace will be going live with 10 miniapps, built by Collab.Land and our launch partners. Here’s how to get started.

Developers can head to our developer documentation here, here, and the GitHub here to learn how to start building tools. Also, you can join our Discord to chat with other developers and the Collab.Land team.

Once the Marketplace is live, community admins can explore the new tools available to integrate and customize your community’s experience.

And don’t forget! Collab.Land is sponsoring ETHDenver with bounties available to the team building tools for the Marketplace.

Sign up for our workshop here and COLABL with us at hackathon. Also, you’re invited to vibe with us at the web3 Social House!

To date, we help manage over 41,000 crypto communities with 8.2M verified wallet connections. The next phase of Collab.Land is designed to scale this impact even more by providing a sandbox for developers, community admins, and community members to build, explore, and leverage new tools within the Collab.Land ecosystem.

With the launch of the Marketplace, Collab.Land remains committed to member-controlled data and personal information; we have never and will never sacrifice member privacy or individual sovereignty for usability. Additionally, every tool submitted to the Marketplace will be audited and verified by the Collab.Land team, allowing community admins and community members to engage with confidence.

With time, the Marketplace will be fully governed by the Collab.Land DAO. We believe this will increase censorship resistance and allow Collab.Land members to enjoy a wider selection of tools and services in an open, transparent, and more inclusive manner than a typical centralized platform.

As a part of this launch, we’re working together with 7 premier partners, each of which will be included in the initial version of the Collab.Land Marketplace.

Here is what our Marketplace Launch Partners are saying!

We’re happy to see Collab.Land integrating POAP natively. Community managers will be able to easily distribute digital collectibles safely and with minimal friction. - POAP

We’re very excited for the launch of the Collab.Land Marketplace. This Marketplace integration will make the lives of DAO participants much easier. - Snapshot

Since 2019, Kchannels has had a blast working with the team. Thanks to Collab.Land, we have delivered a blockchain scaling solution to a large number of enthusiastic Discord communities. - Kchannels

We're very happy to be working with a team that shares the same values about privacy and decentralization as we do at Veramo! - Veramo

The Collab.Land team brings an unparalleled level of technical experience, community reach, and security expertise to the table. We are excited to be partnering with such a seasoned team in scaling CharmVerse. - Charmverse

The Collab.Land team has been hands on, it's a great experience working with them! Cheers to a productive Collab-oration this 2023! - Meme market

As we built together, the attention to detail from Collab.Land really made a difference, and the strong communication helped us maintain forward momentum toward our shared vision. - Sobol

As a premiere identity partner, the Next.ID team are in awe of the substantial user impact Collab.Land cast on web3 social space. With the mission to create the best DID and identity graph infrastructure to developers, it is our great pleasure to partner with Collab.Land and enrich the experience of millions of users. - Next.ID

At Mesh our vision is to build the age of community through blockchain projects. Collab.Land's work is bringing our ecosystem one meaningful step closer to this shared vision. - Mesh

Getting Started & Staying in Touch

Calling all developers!

Collab.Land’s Marketplace is ready for building on, and we’ve updated our developer documentation to provide instructions on how to get started (start here, here, and here). If you’re a developer coming to ETHDenver, Collab.Land is sponsoring a hackathon bounty for teams building tools on the Marketplace.

Sign up for our workshop here, learn more about ETH Denver here, and join our Discord here.

Thanks for reading the Marketplace announcement!

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