Top 100 Community Proposal: W3GG (Formerly YGG SEA)

Project Name: W3GG (Formerly YGG SEA)

Author Name: Thana S
Number of COLLAB tokens requested: 2,440,244
Recipient Address: 0x8702d38965fdf55CD7db2fF1B83EBeEab3693308


With Collab.Land, W3GG (Formerly YGG SEA) has been able to identify who their community members are and reward those who are active in the community.

We have 9530 badge holders connected with Collab.Land on our discord, with more than 170K holders on OpenSea. The badges are non transferable NFT awarded to community members. Collab.Land has helped us to identify our active badge holders i.e. those who signed into our Discord and Telegram

We have more than 300,000 community members across our social media channels. We aim to integrate as many members as possible via Collab.Land and our platform.

How will the tokens be distributed?

20% Badge holders registered with Collab.Land (9,530)

40% Community

40% Treasury

a. Mechanism for distribution

Badge holders:those who hold the badge and verified for more than 1 year will be airdropped Collab.Land tokens as they helped us contribute our community to where we are today.

W3GG (Formerly YGG SEA) community: 25% will go to social missions on our platform. Members can follow our social and Collab.Land social media to be able to claim $COLLAB. The token amount in the pool will be divided by number of participants. Another 25% will be reserved as prizes for our regular events such as game nights and tournaments. 50% will go to community members who sign up, mint, and verify their status on discord via our quest system.

You can view our live and previous offerings here, currently the system automatically verifies social tasks such as joining discord server, like a fb page, follow twitter, etc; then rewards are automatically distributed via smart contracts to the eligible participants.


COLLAB tokens allocated to our treasury will be utilized with our upcoming platform features and community initiatives, such as:

Reward users for providing liquidity to W3GG and $COLLAB pairs

Airdrops for users who attend W3GG (Formerly YGG SEA) online and offline events and are active on Discord

Airdrops for user generated content from our community

Community Bounties to help improve integration between Collab.Land and our platform, or improving our platform in any way

Airdrops for users who attend W3GG online and offline events and are active on Discord

Airdrops to key supporters of W3GG during token launch, while utilizing Collab.Land bot to verify who has supported W3GG during launch to create an exclusive token holder community within Discord and or within our platform

Reward Collab.Land tokens to users who vote on W3GG (Formerly YGG SEA) DAO proposals via Collab.Land

b. Timeline: 3 - 12 months

For social missions: within 3-6 months

c. Member group being targeted: W3GG (Formerly YGG SEA) badge holders W3GG token holders/stakers active community members

How many members is this distribution projected to incentivize?

In addition to 9530 W3GG (Formerly YGG SEA) Badge holders on discord, there are over 300,000 community members across all W3GG (Formerly YGG SEA) social media platforms. We are targeting all community members and beyond!

How will this distribution incentivize usage and adoption of Collab.Land?

This distribution will encourage our community members to use Collab.Land with trust and confidence to connect and verify their wallets.

What is the benefit of this distribution to the wider ecosystem?

As we are building our community in web2 and web3 space, we are spreading awareness and encourage participation with Collab.Land alongside W3GG (Formerly YGG SEA).

Will your project provide any co-incentives?

We are open for any co-incentives.The bigger community, the better opportunity. Let’s collab!

Where will tokens be held once distributed by Collab.Land DAO? (Multisig, onchain DAO, etc.)
Multisig will be used to hold the Collab.Land DAO tokens.

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