Top 100 Community Proposal: BattleFly DAO

Project Name: BattleFly DAO

Author Name: Shuttlzworth
Number of COLLAB tokens requested: 1,034,815
Recipient Address: DAO Address: 0x3897eEff99435b115ccB975984ce2BbA96C92679

Token Distribution:

70% of allocated $COLLAB will be used as Rewards for players who use their CollablandFly in battle. Rewards will be tiered to increase the amount of $COLLAB awarded to the top performers over the course of Season 2. This will allow both new players and BattleFly veterans the chance to compete for their fair share of the $COLLAB allocation. Players will need to verify their ownership of their Collab.Land BattleFly via the Collab.Land bot within Discord to be eligible.

15% of allocated $COLLAB will be distributed to BattleFly’s 220 V1 Founders Token holders and 2105 V2 Token holders.

These individuals are valuable members of the WEB3 community that would be ideal contributors to the Governance DAO.

These allocations would be claimable by Founders via the FlyWheel Dashboard.

15% of allocated $COLLAB rewards will be distributed in our Flywheel competitive staking game, where players can stake gFLY and gFLY/Magic LP tokens to compete for the most rewards.

  • Marketing will be covered through in game ads, social media and partnering with projects to have the collab announced via discord. This will increase the usage and awareness for anyone not already verified via Collab.Land.

  • Holders will need to be verified through Collab.Land in order to receive their soulbound Collab.landFly. Having their Collab.landFly will get the full access to the BattleFly ecosystem where they can win in game prizes as well as other tokens like $MAGIC and $ARB.

What is the timeline for distribution?

Timeline for the distribution will be mid August. We have a free to play version of the game launching in the coming weeks so this will allow the most users to access the competition.

How many users is this distribution projected to incentivize?

With allowing access to all top 100 projects this will allow thousands of players to access BattleFly with their CollabLandFly and compete for $COLLAB.

What is the benefit of this distribution to your community?

Community members will be able to play BattleFly for free while competing for $COLLAB as well as in game rewards and prizes.

To the Collab.Land Community:

All Collab.Land verified holders of any Top 100 Collab.Land Partner Project (including BattleFly!) will be able to mint one Soulbound Collab.Land Edition BattleFly for Free! These Soulbound BattleFlys will be limited to 1 per wallet and are fully functional within the BattleFly Ecosystem.

Will your project provide any co-incentives?

We will be promoting the usage of Collab.Land verifications for users to mint their soul bound CollabLandFly. Once players have their first Fly they can earn $MAGIC as well as compete in events for $gFly ontop of the $COLLAB competition.

Where will tokens be held once distributed by Collab.Land DAO?

Tokens will be held in the team treasury wallet and then distributed to winners.

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