Top 100 Community Proposal: ZombieClub

Project Name: ZombieClub

Author Name: ZombieLab
Number of COLLAB tokens requested: 1,251,248
Recipient Address: 0x8f45F0274616686fF10b8895845C50d3bD2fb3ba

Before I address the details of the distribution, let me explain why we are combining BrainCell with Collab.Land. 

BrainCell is a community management tool that we have developed. Community members can earn BrainCell by entering commands, posting on forums, helping others, etc. If community members verify their NFT ownership through Collab.Land, they can earn even more BrainCell. That is why we want to promote the use of BrainCell in this $Collab token distribution.

The distribution details are as follows:

First Distribution Method: Staggered Distribution (70%)

BrainCell will be allocated 80% of the $Collab token, and will be sent out over four quarters. 45% of the tokens will be allocated through a staggered distribution formula over three quarters - 10% in Q2, 15% in Q3, 20% in Q4, and 25% in Q1 of next year. Community members can exchange their BrainCell in batches.

*For example, in Q2, if there are 100 BrainCell participating in the distribution, these 100 BrainCell will distribute the 10% tokens for Q2.

Second Distribution Method: $Collab.Land Usage-Based (30%)

In order to more effectively promote the use of Collab.Land in the ZombieClub community, we plan to open up more than 10 types of NFT authentication related to Art Blocks and other PFP-type NFT authentication, in addition to the current dozen types of NFT authentication. As long as you authenticate other NFTs through Collab.Land in the specified activities of three quarters, you can receive the corresponding number of tokens according to your ranking (expected to send tokens to 1,500~2,000 people).

We expect to incentivize over 20,000 community members through the BrainCell reward system.

This collaboration will expand the user base and influence of Collab.Land, and also help increase the validation and number of NFT projects on the platform.

What are the benefits of this distribution for the wider ecosystem?

For Collab.Land:
More people will be willing to hold NFT authentication on Discord, and existing users will be encouraged to authenticate more NFTs or integrate NFTs from different wallets into the same wallet.

For ZombieClub:
We will see more community members continuing to actively engage in the community in order to earn more tokens, whether through verification or more actively publishing articles, which is a very positive development for our community.

Where will the tokens be stored once Collab.Land DAO distributes them? (Multisig, onchain DAO, etc.)

We will store the tokens in a multisignature wallet.

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