Top 100 Community Proposal: NBA Top Shot

Project Name: NBA Top Shot

Author Name: Luke (eldumbo) & Moustapha
Number of COLLAB tokens requested: 3,648,655
Recipient Address: 0x5599F7D8a2e8f37DAd8BB9461c8917bC08b400f9

  • 15% to the community run group "NLL Council"

  • 15% to the community run groups "Team Captains" (.5% each)

  • 70% to active users Active Users: Use Flowscored to measure activity of users, give them points for activity.

Those points become entries for tokens - the tokens are then split across the entries based on their points. The idea being to reward our more active community members with the tokens.

Activity wise, it would be:

  • 1 Point per pack purchased in 2023, total up to 10 points.

  • 1 Point per $1000 on MP net spend lifetime, total up to 10 points.

  • 1 Point per pack 20 Moments Locked, up to 5 points.

  • 1 Point per year since account creation.

We would be targeting to engage with around 10,000 users. We will complement this with education about Collab.Land and COLLAB tokens. This approach allows for a range of users to access the token, whilst still more heavily rewarding the more active users.

How are you planning to distribute the tokens?

Using the Flowscored tool - users would sign into a landing page, connecting their dapper wallet and a wallet that can hold Collab.Land tokens. The points they get for activity => Tokens rewards


6-9 months

Up to 3 months to build and launch the app for activity measuring. Window then open for 2 months. 1 month for distribution. Total timeline to distribute all tokens to community members is 6 months.

We would hope to clear it sooner though but would like a buffer for potential unknown hurdles or blockers given we'd be working with 3rd parties (flowscore) and be across chains.

Will your project provide any co-incentives?

Potentially but too early to tell. So for now probably unlikely - perhaps a special role for COLLAB holders in our Discord is one easy option.

How will this distribution incentivize usage and adoption of Collab.Land?

By involving one of the largest Web3 communities - NBA Top Shot - we expect to see 1000s of new COLLAB holders who will be motivated to learn more.

This community is less Web3-centric than other communities and are from a different blockchain, so otherwise might not be engaged or involved.

What is the benefit of this distribution to your community?

It helps our community to learn more about the wider Web3 space, including the importance of concepts like governance and tokenomics.

They will get to experience an airdrop from another Chain, meet a wider community, and have more insight into a tool that is already used daily by the NBA Top Shot community

Where will tokens be held once distributed by Collab.Land DAO?

In a Dapper Owned ETH wallet until they are distributed. 30% (the amounts assigned to Team Captains and NLL) would get moved to respective wallets for those communities pretty quickly.

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